Open Call – a short documentary about theatre artists with disabilities.

  • L Martina Young dances in her wheelchair, prior to a bi-lateral hip replacement in 2009.
  • UAP Music Supervisor and Associate Artist, Lindsey McHugh playing and singing – the piece is narrative, but it isn’t necessary to understand the words to appreciate her glorious voice and virtuosic piano performance.
  • The singular, unique and impossibly talented Gaelynn Lea. She is quite verbal and talks a lot, but if you’re not an English speaker or aren’t interested in the narrative, by all means skip ahead and appreciate the music. If you’re deaf, maybe you’ll appreciate how animated and vibrant are her expressions. She is a feast. 
  • Another glorious example of dancers who transcend notions of “ability.” 
  • Deaf West Theatre. FABULOUS!
  • A high school production – he sings and signs, she signs and another actor sings and speaks the role. Wonderfully creative and bold!