Fundraiser For Nepal

Children and mother in Nepal.
Our friend, Jeanmarie Simpson (see below for info on her), has generously offered us the opportunity to enjoy her online presentation of “Heretic:  The Mary Dyer Story” (see flyer and blurb below) at any time during the month of May.  She will donate all of the proceeds to Care4Nepal, a fine project described below.*  Your contribution through her 501.c.3, by going to the website, is tax-deductible.  And you get to choose when you want to view the play!
If you’ve been craving a chance to go to the theater, and you want the price of your admission to go for a good cause, we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity.  Please give generously.  Everyone will benefit. 
Thank you.
Lisa Hans, Barbara Taft, and Prakash Dangol
# About Jeanmarie Bishop:  Jeanmarie Bishop has performed dozens of roles in regional theatre and stock in the US and Canada and began directing while still in her teens. Jeanmarie is Founding Artistic Director of the Nevada Shakespeare Company, from which she retired in 2008.
About the Play:  The gripping and timely play takes place in the last moments of the life of Quaker Mary Dyer, executed by the Puritan Church/State Government in colonial Boston. The story has been called “Shockingly relevant”.

*A History of Care4Nepal/Herchacha Nepal

        In 2015, multiple strong earthquakes struck Katmandu, Nepal, destroying buildings and lives.  More than 600,000 homes, businesses, and schools were turned to ruins.  Over 900,000 people died and many more were seriously injured.  Others lost their livelihoods.
        Now, six years later, many buildings, including homes, have not yet been rebuilt.  Especially devastated by this disaster were schoolchildren, many of whom lost their homes and one or both of their parents.  Touched by this need, one of their countrymen, Prakash Dangol, started a nonprofit to help children who otherwise could not attend school due to the expenses of tuition fees, books, supplies, and uniforms.  He called it Care4Nepal, or Herchacha Nepal.
        Today, Prakash continues his work.  He has expanded to helping local residents to plant vegetable gardens to sustain themselves, as well as to raise goats.  The families no longer worry about malnutrition or starvation.  Most recently, he has also helped supply water tanks and cleaning supplies during the COVID crisis.
        Our fund-raiser will help him to finance this work, which he currently carries out on a shoestring.  His fondest hope is to be able to support additional students and to one day build a new school to accommodate even more learners.
        Here are some photos showing what he does.  You can learn more by going on the Care4Nepal website, or visiting their Facebook page, which can be found at › care4nepal