when churchyards yawn – press release

When Churchyards Yawn



It’s 40 years later, and all the dead Hamlet characters have graduated from Limbo to Purgatory. Seems there’s been a bit of a backlog. Hamlet Senior is ancient and over it. Polonius is befuddled, as ever. Rosencrantz feels like a nit wit, Guildenstern blames Rosencrantz. Ophelia is innocent and furious, Gertrude is spitting mad. Claudius is contrite to the point that you want to smack him. Written by Jeanmarie Simpson, this new divine comedy is revealed publicly for the first time.

“This is a pandemic-inspired piece,” Simpson said. “We were stuck, for a time. Not knowing when it would end or where we would be when it was over. Not a “No Exit” situation, because Purgatory is a place from which you either ascend to Heaven or descend to Hell. It’s up to you. At least, that’s true in my play,” she laughed.

WHEN CHURCHYARDS YAWN answers questions and takes on some 400 year-old issues Shakepeare fans have had with various HAMLET characters.

Poet Laureate, Gailmarie Pahmeier said, “…the language overall… it’s all so sweet, so good, so rich.”

DETAILS: ADMISSION – PAY WHAT YOU CAN plus a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

When Churchyards Yawn, a new divine comedy by Jeanmarie Simpson. The reading is directed by Kate Rhoswen and the actors are Tom Strekal, Cori Lynne Cooper, John Frederick, Annikki Larson, Gary Eugene Cremeans II, Michael Peters, Kirk Gardner, Phil Harriman, Jeffrey Bentley and Jeanmarie Simpson revisiting the role of Gertrude, which she twice played for Nevada Shakespeare Company.

July 17th 10am at Ali’s Alley (Potentialist Workshop space) 836 E 2nd St, Reno,NV 89502. (775) 686-8201.

Brunch provided – donations enthusiastically encouraged.