UAP/ATM creates theatre and stage-to-film accessible to everyone. Designed for performance in profoundly theatrical contexts, our work empowers people traditionally excluded as artists and patrons – with disabilities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+. Our conviction is that the natural diversity of people necessitates a universal access approach. We are committed to the notion that art saves lives when it illuminates underrepresented and misunderstood communities and amplifies historically silenced voices. We share our stories of struggle and triumph globally by publishing our work on international platforms, including YouTube, with translations in 110 written languages and Sign Language.



Universal Access Productions / Arizona Theatre Matters expands its reach far beyond its size. It has one part-time employee, a volunteer artistic director. UAP employs – depending on the season – dozens of professionals, including actors, directors, designers, stage managers, ASL interpreters, video editors, and technicians. (For the upcoming 2021/2022 season, the company will employ some 50 artists and professionals.) Based in Arizona, Nevada, and the cyber world (thanks to its YouTube channel), the UAP ensemble is a diverse, intergenerational company of BIPOC, LGBTQIA artists, and artists with disabilities, including 40% elder woman actors. The company was created to make these groups more visible and heard in theatre as a result of its productions; UAP’s inclusive and accessible programming is changing the face and language of traditional theatre. As a result of COVID, ATM’s programming and admissions have become even more accessible, expanding to include virtual productions, enabling the company to engage artists from across the globe with no travel, lodging, or per diem costs. Youtube also allows the company to disseminate its works with translation into 110 languages, descriptive audio, and American Sign Language, making its productions accessible to anyone with a computer. UAP uploads digital films of all of the company’s in-person productions to the Youtube channel; as a result, the company continues its work both in-person and virtually.