Arizona Theatre Matters is a radically inclusive theatre and stage-to-film company that creates exceptional works informed by principles of universal design. We breed originality, spark passions, nourish artistic convictions and, in the process, make outstanding art.
The work of our company, founded in 2012, empowers people who have traditionally been excluded as artists and patrons – people with disabilities, BIPOCs, and LGBTQI+. Considering the natural diversity of people, we believe universal access is essential. We believe art saves lives by illuminating underrepresented and misunderstood communities and amplifying historically silenced voices. We have shared our stories of struggle and triumph in 42 productions. With translations in more than 300 written languages and ASL, we have done so globally by streaming our work on YouTube. ATM extends our reach far beyond our size. We employ dozens of professionals each season, including actors, directors, designers, stage managers, ASL interpreters, video editors, and technicians. (Around 50 professionals will be employed by the company in the upcoming season of 2023.) The ensemble, based in Arizona, Nevada, and the cyber world, is a diverse, intergenerational company of BIPOC, LGBTQI+, and artists with disabilities, including 40% elder women. ATM’s inclusive and accessible programming is helping to change the face and language of traditional theatre.